Tennis must have been a popular sport in the mid-1920s. The Y.M.C.A. had a tennis court that was just south of the former Congregational Church, now the residence of Jim and Beth Schoren, 229 Southwest St. Another court was located on Lyme St. where the Medicine Shoppe is now.

The tennis courts were put in condition by the “Sunnyside Tennis Club,” headed by Jack Loudy. At that time, players purchased tickets and signed up for use of the courts at Loudy’s Smart Shop. Tickets cost 15 cents each and were good for one hour’s use at any time. Loudy’s Smart Shop was then located in the room now occupied by Time Warner Cable.

Still another tennis court was located at the Bellevue Hospital which prompted this notice in the June 25, 1925 issue of the Bellevue Gazette:

“The tennis court at the hospital was built as a place of recreation for the nurses and they are always to have the use of the same when they desire it. There is no objective to the young people of Bellevue using the court if they will obtain permission from the superintendent and give way to the nurses when they wish to play.

A great many that have been playing have been so noisy as to ‘Keep patients and night nurses from sleeping during the day. The hospital grounds are in the quiet zone and players must be quiet or it will be necessary to bar them from the courts.

Complaints registered against noisy players using the courts without permission make this ruling necessary. Get permission and be quiet – Please. Board of Trustees”