Our Modern Pole Evil

To commemorate Bellevue’s newest rail service, “The Toledo Norwalk and Fremont” electric street railway in October 1900, KC dedicated two poems – one for the T.F. and N and the other for the unsightly poles that were painted white.

Our Modern Pole Evil

Those poles, those poles, those telephone poles!

They keep me awake at night; those looming, white-painted, telegraph poles!

Conspicuous on the Pike.

Yea East Main and West Main alike afflicted. Despoiled of Elysian grace, By those gigantic, hideous poles,

Obviously out of place.

The really force strangers to gape and stare,

They mar our pretty green;

They give us a half-bred, frontier air,

Those poles that should not be seen.

Oh intercede with the electric men

And see what they will do; Perhaps they’ll build us a subway then

To run the wires through.

If not, still let the street be rid

Of those morbific eyesores; From public gaze let them be hid,

By running past the back doors.

Or – if they were only painted dark

It would improve them vastly;

They’d look more like the trees with bark

Than stilted spooks so ghastly.

Bellevue To-Day

Long years ago

They said we were slow

And never more would rise;

But Bellevue to-day, The traveling men say

Is a queen of enterprise.

Rough path for a street – Now paved smooth and neat,

(And swept every day, by the way);

Old lamp posts for light

Now glimmer by night.

Electrics in dazzling array

We’ll have mail carriers soon

Our front doors to festoon

With letters so dear to us all.

With numbers increasing

The town will need placing;

“More acreage” will then be our call.

We’ve school houses four,

With teachers a score

To guide to Dame Knowledge her prey.

We’ve railroads galore

With promise of more

To pets, parcels and people convey.

The street cars are coming

Cars soon will be running

With metropolitan dash;

People by scores

Will ride in to our stores

To register most of their cash.

Then hail the bright day

That is coming to stay

And make us a town up to date.

Work with all your might

For the cause that is right

And do it before it’s too late.

Conductor H.M. Belson is again on duty.

Yard Switchman J. O’Neil is on duty again.

Engineers Felt, Weiher and Loi are laying off.

Caboose 1053 has gone to the shops for repairs.

Trainmaster S.K. Blair was in town Wednesday.

Yard Conductor John Bankey again at work.

Engineers Gardner and Gilli has resumed work.

Ice House Clerk F.M. Webster has returned to work.

Master Mechanic Geo. A. James was in town yesterday.

Brakeman J. W. Williams is laying off by reason of illness.

Conductors W. J. McMichael and Jno. Hill are laying off.

Brakement W.H. Bartlett, McCary and C.E. Huff are laying off.

Thos. Collins, freight house clerk, spent a few days this week Steubenville.

Conductor C.L. Webster and Brakemen J. W. Baker and C. Frazer have been assigned to a new caboose, No. 24,232.

Extra Passenger Brakeman Frank Alexander is now running in W.C.