Ronald Smith - President

Rose Mary Nascone - At Large
John Miller - At Large
Dennis Feuerstein - At Large

Duane Baker - First Ward
Peggy Missler - Second Ward
Steve Hill - Third Ward
Beverly Ommert - Fourth Ward

Rhonda Soper

Clerk of Council:  Rhonda Soper
Telephone:  (419) 483-2621

Bellevue City Council generally meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month in the City Council Chambers of the Bellevue City Centre, 3000 Seneca Industrial Parkway, at 7:30 p.m.  If there is a holiday on a Monday, City Council will meet on the Tuesday after the holiday.   To confirm dates and times of meetings, call the Clerk of Council at (419) 483-2621.

The legislative body of the City is the City Council. The Council is comprised of seven members – three elected at large and four elected from each of the four wards of Bellevue. All Council members serve a term of two years. The main functions of City Council are to set policy, establish City goals and oversee and approve the annual budget.

Other Council responsibilities include:
Create, combine, change and eliminate offices, departments, divisions, offices, boards and commissions in the City establish, by ordinance or resolution, the rates or charges made by consumers of all municipal utilities and services.

Clerk of Council

  • Appointed by City Council
  • Maintains record of proceedings of City Council and record of ordinances and resolutions adopted by City Council
  • Provides notice of regular and special meetings of City Council
  • Performs all duties outlined in the Ohio Revised Code or as directed by City Council

Committees of Council
Committees consist of members of City Council who review and report on issues referred to them by City Council as a whole. These Committees report to City Council as a regular part of the City Council meeting agenda.

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City Council Committees

John Miller, Chair
Rose Mary Nascone
Dennis Feuerstein

Rose Mary Nascone, Chair
John Miller
Duane Baker

Duane Baker, Chair
Steve Hill
Peggy Missler

Steve Hill, Chair
Beverly Mull
Duane Baker

Dennis Feuerstein, Chair
John Miller
Steve Hill

Peggy Missler, Chair
Rose Mary Nascone
Beverly Mull

Beverly Mull, Chair
Peggy Missler
Dennis Feuerstein