First Nurses’ Aide Class


Gerry Ware shares the photo of the first Nurses’ Aide class sponsored by the Bellevue Red Cross chapter.

The Bellevue Gazette said, “Bellevue women anxious to play their part in a cause so patriotic and useful came out in numbers to enroll in the course taught by Mrs. O.J. Gabel, Genevieve Sinning and Mrs. C. Blair Wise.

The course of instruction lasted 12 weeks with each student devoting an hour a week of practical duty in the hospital.

After completing the course, their schedule in the morning was from 8 to 10 and in the afternoon 3 to 5 and from 8 to 10 in the evening.

“Their duties were many and to mention a few, the nurses’ aides helped with baths, took care of flowers and answered lights.”

“The hospital staff was enthusiastic over the plan and considers it a thoroughly helpful and practical one,” said The Bellevue Gazette.