Waste Water Treatment Plant

500 Great Lakes Parkway
Bellevue, OH 44811
Phone:  419-483-7514
Fax:  419-483-4507

Eric MacMichael

Eric MacMichael
Class III

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Bridget Shiets, Class III,  Lab Tech 2


Michael Klingler, Lead Operator, Class III, Lab Tech 1
Greg Ruffing, City Maintenance Plumber
Jon Schoen, Class II
Jeremy Doster, Class I
Dan Schoen

Facility Facts

Constructed 1969
Expansions 1988 and 1994
Located on Great Lakes Industrial Parkway Bellevue, Ohio

Design Flow 2.0 MGD.
24 Hour Peak Flow 5.6 MGD.
Average Daily Flow 1.1 MGD.
The facility utilizes an Activated Sludge treatment process

Five (5)  local industries are permitted under the department’s Industrial Pretreatment Program.

Water and Sewer Rates

Department Projects

The City’s Composting Project is located on the grounds of the Water Pollution Control Facility and operated by Barnes Nursery.

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The Department of Water Pollution Control is also home to a local environmental group, Bellevue Friends of the Environment. This group meets as needed at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, West Main & Attwood Terrace.  New members are always welcomed.

Bellevue Friends of the Environment Projects:

Nature Trail Construction Water and wildlife habitat maintenance; and
Construction and maintenance of wildlife observation and feeding station

For membership information contact:

Ms. Helen Milkie
521 Northwest Street