3000 Seneca Industrial Parkway
Bellevue, OH 44811
Phone:  419-483-7503
Fax:  419-483-9701

Kevin Scagnetti (2)

Kevin C. Scagnetti, P. E. Superintendent


Hours:  7:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m.

This department provides all the normal repair and maintenance of 55 miles of city streets and alleys along with maintenance of the 15 acres of city-owned grounds (including the City Cemetery), over 50 major pieces of equipment, and vehicles. It also provides other services, including street sweeping, leaf collection, snow plowing, and storm drainage.

Curbside Leaf Collection 

Again, this year, in an attempt to beat the winter, the Street Department will be using two leaf collection machines rather than one; one machine on the north end of town and one on the south end. Collection will begin on the date listed and continue, with multiple rounds, until complete, which should be two weeks dependent upon the weather.

The Leaf Collection Schedule is as follows (weather permitting):

North end (North of Main Street) – TBA South end (South of Main Street) – TBA

Residents are requested to rake their leaves onto the boulevard (NOT INTO THE STREET). To increase efficiency, it is requested that residents rake their leaves into longer and narrower piles, rather than higher and wider piles.

If the Street Department personnel see sticks or tree limbs in your pile of leaves, they will NOT be picked up, as they will plug up and damage the leaf collection machine–the resident would then have to dispose of their leaves themselves.

The Street Department is requesting residents to NOT PARK THEIR VEHICLES IN THE STREET, during the hours of 7 a.m. until 4 p.m., until all leaves have been collected from the boulevard. When vehicles are parked in front of piled leaves, the leaf collection machine cannot reach the leaves.

Please remember that the leaves are taken to the Compost Facility for composting. Therefore, NO LIMBS OR TRASH CAN BE ACCEPTED.   If there are any limbs or trash in the pile of leaves, the crew will skip you and go on to the next residence. Please have your leaves raked to the curb (or bagged and placed at the curb). As in the past, should the leaves get too wet, the schedule may be changed.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Live Christmas trees will be collected the first week of January. Christmas trees are taken to the Compost Site. All decorations and bulbs must be removed before trees are placed at the curb. Trees should not be wrapped or placed in bags.