Bellevue Cemetery

Cemetery Street
Bellevue, OH 44811
419-483-4479 (Leave Message)

For Catholic Cemetery call:  419-483-3417

Jim Dendinger

Jim Dendinger

Cemetery Sexton

Grave Purchase Information

As of April 15, 1995, when a family chooses a grave or graves to purchase in the Bellevue Cemetery for the purpose of an interment, the following must be paid in full. The price of the grave to be used and the opening and closing of the grave. No grave will be opened until these two are paid in full. In the event that there is more than one grave purchased, the remaining grave or graves should be paid for at the time of the next interment. If the family cannot afford to pay for the other grave or graves at this time, the family has up to one (1) year to pay for them. If no payment is received, the graves will be reclaimed by the City of Bellevue for resale. Prior notification will be given the family before this is done. However, full payment will then be required. All past due bills, whatever they may be, must be paid in full before any additional interments are made on any grave or graves, or before a monument is allowed to be set.

Cremation Information

All cremated remains buried in the City of Bellevue Cemetery must be interred in a probable container.  Scattering of ashes is not permitted.

General Information

Clean up day will be April 1st for all Christmas, fall arrangements and any other arrangements that are unsightly. For those of you that walk your dogs at the cemetery, please clean up after them. Only human remains will be buried in the cemetery, no pets. The largest monument allowed on a single grave is 3′ x 1′.  The largest monument allowed on two graves is 6′ x 1′. Any landscaping or plantings around the monuments that are not taken care of will be removed.

Fees and Charges Effective September 1, 2014

Graves and Openings  

Graves $350.00
Baby or Ashes Grave $175.00
Economy Grave $200.00
Regular Opening $350.00
Saturday Before Noon Opening $425.00


3′ to 6′ Opening $250.00
Saturday Before Noon Opening $300.00
Ashes Opening $150.00
Saturday Before Noon Opening $200.00



Military Marker          Bases $75.00
(2′ x 1′) or smaller $150.00
(2’1″ x 1′) to (4′ x 1′) $200.00
(4’1″ x 1′) to (6′ x 1′) $250.00
(6′ x 1′) or larger $12.00/cubic foot

Note, any size border will be an additional $50.00

Disinterments – Double the price of Regular Opening and Closing

Cemetery Map (PDF)