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12 May Young enlists in the Ohio National Guard

“It was a heart-rending moment for Mr. and Mrs. Young, followed by anxious hours during which Rodger had been taken to the hospital, still unconscious. But Rodger was a kid with lots of heart, and as long as there was life, there was hope. A flicker

12 May The Story of Private Rodger Young

The July 22, 1949 issue of the Bellevue Gazette provided a lengthy story about the bravery of a former Bellevuean,Rodger Young. Rodger was the first serviceman from Ohio to win the nation’s highest honor, “The Congressional Medal of Honor.” The Belle

24 Apr BHS organizes 28-member orchestra

“Although the orchestra was organized at the same time as the band, it had grown much more rapidly. No doubt this is due to the fact that the high school has had the orchestra for ten years. Miss Stella Latham instructor of vocal music had charge in

28 Mar Even more on Bobby McDermott

My memories of growing up during the Great Depression were not overly harsh due to the hard work of our father, who sometimes held down three jobs to support us. My two older brothers, Jack and Frank, as well as my older sister Dorothy, were married

28 Mar Jim McDermott writes special article on brother, Bob

Bobby’s McDermott’s brother Jim McDermott wrote a special article for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette in July 2015 detailing the career of his brother during the early days of professional basketball. “I’m Jim McDermott, 95, brother of Bobby. I’m the

10 Mar Bellevue native featured in Toledo Blade

Robert Kirtland, a reporter for the Toledo Blade, wrote this interesting story about a Bellevue native in its April 15, 1997 issue. The article was one of many featured stories of various subjects in our area. And this area had many small wineries, p