BHS organizes 28-member orchestra

“Although the orchestra was organized at the same time as the band, it had grown much more rapidly. No doubt this is due to the fact that the high school has had the orchestra for ten years. Miss Stella Latham instructor of vocal music had charge in this department last year and it proved to be very successful.

Professor Luigi Valeno is assisted by Mrs. Valeno in training members of the orchestra having charge of the violins. The object of the orchestra is to create and develop a desire for better music and a sincere appreciation for it.

Thus for the orchestra has made few public appearances, but commencement week will offer ample opportunities for musical programs and enable the public to enjoy some real musical talent.

The orchestra is composed of students from both the senior and junior high schools. There are at the present time 28 members.”

The organization consists of the following members:


Virginia Martin

Howard Ream

Ulmot Walters

Malcolm Walters

Marian Nims

Nevin Woleslagel

Marvin Lachinsky


Harold Starr

Richard Griffith

Luigi Christmas

Melvin Snyder

George Fox


Helen Lucretia Snyder


Nelson Bates

Carl Fitzpatrick

Raymond Koechley

Gerard Woleslagel

Clarence Grover

Glenn Roth


Darrell Fadley

Joe Nigro

Carleton Reitz

LeFever Lee


William Steadman


Professor Luigi Valeno


Ralph Kingsley

Alto Horns

Kent Moyer

Elmer Redd

Chas Fox


Roger Whitaker

John Leimbaugh

Robert Reitz

Joe Moricze

George Patrick

Bass Drum

Clayton Jones