Bellevue a Great Place to Live

By Mayor Strecker

The City of Bellevue’s strategic location is one of its greatest assets. It sits on a major four lane highway; U S Route 20, halfway between Cleveland and Toledo, at the crossroads of State Routes 269 and 4. We are also only a short hop to the Ohio Turnpike. The Norfolk and Southern Railroad located in Bellevue is one of the largest in the United States. With transportation costs continuing to rise, Bellevue is positioned to serve 75% of the nation’s population within 48 hours both by rail or truck.


Our new Central Park is the center of our downtown attractions. We have many shops you can browse through, and many fine restaurants to pass the time. This year we are working on scheduling family oriented outings for Central Park and our downtown area including five (5) concerts in the park with the Farmer’s Market, every Thursday starting July 28 through August 25. Please come join us for some good old-fashioned family fun.


Some of the equipment upgrades the City of Bellevue invested in for 2015:

Purchased a new 2016 Pierce Freightliner Tanker, the tanker carries 2,200 gallons of water with a 500 gpm (gallon per minute) fire rated pump. It also carries a 2,500 gallon portable pond, so it can quickly respond to a fill site to refill. The main job will be to supply water to engines that respond to the townships we cover.

The other major purchase was a set of Hurst eDRAULIC “Jaws of Life”, this is the second generation of battery powered rescue tools.

A new vactor truck was leased for city use. This truck can be used to not only clean the collection system, but also clean out sinkholes and hydro excavate around utility lines. The city is also in the process of upgrading our telemetry for our lift stations. A new waste meter was also purchased to upgrade our plant operations.

A new marked cruiser was added to our force for 2015. We will be upgrading our base radio through a grant from Huron County EMA, and as always, review and update the training level of all department personnel in all areas.

A new building was added to store the backhoe used in the salt bin. A boat ramp at reservoir number 5 was completed. Addition to distribution storage building for chemical storage was also added in 2015, and replaced the low service pump motor and high service pump check valve.

These are a few of the many upgrades that the City of Bellevue has made in the past year, to keep and improve our quality of life.

Bellevue is a great place to live and work. We look forward to seeing you this year. Come spend a day with us!