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Talk Of The Town

Welcome to the City’s new website. The ways and methods in which people receive information and communicate continues to change. The growing trend that people are utilizing is their cell phones to receive information and to communicate with the world.

You can utilize our new website with your cell phone.

Our goal is to keep Bellevue informed. When I ran for Mayor, I said I would make an effort to improve communication with the public. I had considered taping the City Council meetings, but determined it was more effective to put the minutes on the website.

This website will not only provide you information that we feel is important to the citizens of Bellevue, but also provide other sources to access, such as, the schools’ websites.

We are updating our departments’ webpages so you can put a face with the name. Thus, the website currently is a work in progress. Please be patient with us as we work to complete the finished product.

We plan on providing information on your concerns to better help you understand, such as the water and sewer costs. Additional features will be added in the future.

Our goal is to make the City website the place to access information and keep you informed.

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